Custom Application Development

When it comes to Custom Web Application Development, our approach is different. Even though we have extensive development experience, we always seek the most cost-effective solution for our clients – even if it is recommending an off-the-shelf application over building a custom one. In fact, we often help businesses save time and money by customizing existing applications to their business and functional requirements, rather than starting from scratch.

It’s how we conduct business – no matter what scale of development and integration it seems you need, we’d rather leave your options open.

Common Questions

  • When should I buy an off-the-shelf application versus building a custom one?
  • How can I integrate our new Web applications with our company legacy systems?
  • What’s the most effective way to build online connectivity with my partners
    without having to build multiple applications and interfaces?
  • How can you better ensure that custom systems developed today will have the
    flexibility to work with future applications?

The application you need may be closer to you than you think. We’ll always look for ways to integrate with existing applications and systems before starting new ones.


Application Architecture: Review and Analysis
Know more about what you have now before creating a strategy for further development. We can review your application architecture and code-base for ways to improve integrity, performance, scalability, security or simply provide your organization with a third-party audit.

“Buy Versus Build” Analysis
Save your time, money and sanity. Whether your solution can be bought, built or extended from an existing application, know all of the advantages and limitations before you decide. We’ll review your business and functional requirements to help you better understand all of the software options available to you.

Application Integration
Do your applications have stability issues? Are they not playing together well? We can fill the gaps and build better integration between your custom and off-the-shelf applications. No matter what language your software speaks, we’ll help you take full advantage of your existing technology.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Get better connected both inside and outside your organization. We’ll look across your enterprise and find ways for Web services to increase your ability to share and obtain data between your critical applications. Outside your organization, services-oriented architectures are a cost-effective way to connect to your online partners without having to build multiple applications or interfaces.

Custom Application Development
If you must build it, build it right. Our integrated design and development teams create applications according to how the users and business needs meet – resulting in a cost-effective design made for easy maintenance, scalability and connectivity to your existing systems.

What makes us different?

  • Experts in building applications in PHP and MySQL
  • Experienced building applications based solely on Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Integrated design and development teams
  • Focus on effective information architecture
  • Scalable and responsive to local and enterprise needs
  • Proven service record and customer satisfaction

Digital Assets delivers experience, creativity and know-how each time. Our teams are staffed with industry experts and consultants who focus only on what they know best. Because we don’t try to be everything to everyone, our experts stay experts and our new clients become returning clients.

How much does Custom Application Development cost?

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of Custom Application Development. Because of that, every project must be priced out on a case-by-case scenario. Please call us at 303.282.7966 or email us at and we can get some specific information to develop a proposal.